I "Belize" Nashville is where I'm supposed to be!

Rehearsing for Glory Night with PJ Anderson and friends!


Hey ya'll! Nashville is treatin' me alright! It's good to be back in the South, in the land of music and dancin'.  The land of "Yes Ma'am" and "No, Sir!"  The land of sweet tea and barbecue!
After a lovely couple weeks in Louisiana for Christmas and New Years, I bought a car and officially moved to Nashville on January 11th.
I immediately was whisked away to the Nashville Domincan Sisters Bethany Retreat Center. I was blessed to play music at a 
retreat for the fathers of students at the Dominican K-12 schools in Nashville. 
God allowed me to immediately consecrate my stay here to Him. 
The dads who I came to know are great examples of holy manhood, and I am blessed to know them. 
I quickly met the FOCUS missionaries at Vanderbilt, and travelled with them to the March for Life to reunite with the entire Generation Life crew for a few days of prayer, conferences, and fellowship. 
Not long after that, I gave my first post Gen Life missionary chastity talks at St. Cecilia, (the Domican's all girls high school), and it was just like riding a bike.  I was also blessed to lead 
worship with Tori Harris (check out her brand new EP at ) and Jimmy Mitchell (  It's amazing how blessed those talks were.  I've been
at church events, friends' houses, and praying outside abortion clinics, and one of the girls from St. Cecilia's will approach and thank me for speaking to them.
I was able to co-write with a good friend that I met on the Theology of the Body Head and Heart Immersion Course last year (just go, it's the best week of your life!)
Matt Faley and I came up with a song called "Arise."  It speaks to an awakening in the church.  Calling men specifically out of their spiritual apathy towards the  greatness that God has 
embedded deeply in their hearts. 
I also got to co-write with another new friend, and we came up with  a song entitled "Always Something."  This song speaks to the ups and downs of life, but we're not gonna let 
these little hiccups stop us or discourage us. 
I've been steadily getting back into working up my guitar playing (after a 2.5 year sabbatical) and I've started working on my vocals again, (hoping to start with vocal lessons soon!)
Please pray for me as I continue writing new material and prepare to record a new EP.  I'm excited to get some quality recordings to ya'll soon, as I know you want to hear them!
I've also been blessed to serve on the music team for the new Catholic Underground Nashville.  It's amazing that the day after I moved to Nashville, Catholic Underground (
began here. 
(I'll just have to keep moving to every city in America, and CU will spread like wildfire!)   I was blessed to have been to a bunch of CU's in Manhattan during my time in NYC, and I learned a lot 
from the CFRs up there about prayer, adoration, and leading worship.  I know that God has great plans to renew our culture through Eucharistic Adoration, and this is a great
way to bring people into that. 
I also got to help the CFR's out with Youth 2000 in Owensboro, KY.  My good friend, Maria Spears invited me to play some lead guitar with the music team, and we played for masses, 
fun praise and worship, and adoration.  What a blessing to see some of my New York friends! (This means you, Sister Faustina!)
Another great friend, Fr. Kevin McGoldrick, came down from Philly to put on some retreats for the Sisters here.  I was blessed to have him stay at my house, and even say mass here. 
He's a blues guy, so we had a few jam sessions as well. 
I've also had visits from my cousin, Karelle, my brother, Tommy, and David Aloysius Sao of Generation Life fame!  What a joy to receive great friends to my new home.  "Ya'll come on down, now, ya hear?"
Glory Night ( is another event similar to CU, and native to Nashville.  I joined in playing with PJ Anderson ( 
and crew. 
I've also met Maura Byrne, founder of Made In His Image (  Maura asked me to accompany her on a week long speaking mission to Belize. We leave this Saturday, April 13th, 
and return Saturday April 20th.  We will be collectively speaking on chastity, sexual abuse, eating disorders, masculinity and feminity, healthy dating, prayer, and relationship with God. 
We will also be talking about the kitchen sink!  Just kidding, but we do have a large number of talks. 8 on Monday alone, so please pray for us, that the Holy Spirit would give us the strength,
stamina, wisdom, and courage to speak the truth with love and a fire worthy of St. Catherine of Siena!

Hey ya'll! Nashville is treatin' me alright! It's good to be back in the South, in the land of music and dancin'.  The land of "Yes Ma'am" and "No, Sir!"  The land of sweet tea and barbecue! After a lovely couple weeks in Louisiana for Christmas and New Years, I bought a car and officially moved to Nashville on January 11th.  I immediately was whisked away...

Transitions and Holy Innocence

Nuestra Senora de Tejas: I found a broken piece of glass... behold, God makes all things new!


Hey y’all, it’s been a wild ride these past few weeks!  Since Thanksgiving, Ellie and I have giving talks Upstate, in Queens, and on Long Island.  We met with the catechetical directors of the Archdiocese to promote Generation Life, and spoke at multiple schools, including college students at the Merchant Marine Academy, my buddy Matt’s high school, Chaminade, and an amazing CCD program at St. Catherine of Siena on Long Island where they spend a half hour in adoration every week with the kids...

Giving Thanks

Inaugural Gen Life NY team at Emmanuel and Kree's wedding in Wichita, KS (Mike, DeVon, Stephanie, Emmanuel)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to reach out and thank you all for supporting me in my work with Generation Life.

September was an amazing month of training for about 25 missionaries and staff.  We had everyone from the Philly, New York, and Traveling Teams, along with our Gen Life National staff.  It was a blessed time to be together getting to know the new missionaries, and going deeper...

A Complete Victory for Life!

It is with great joy that I share some news with you from Msgr. Philip Reilly, with the Helpers of God's Precious Infants in Brooklyn, NY.  Msgr. Reilly has been praying outside of abortion clinics in NYC since before Roe v. Wade...

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