Got 15 TPS reports today

Counting the seconds til my shift is done

4:59 is the longest minute in the world

By the tick of 5 I’m already gone



I believe in the sun when it’s not shining

Break through the cover of the clouds

Top down rolling down the freeway!



This place can't satisfy my hunger pains

I think I'll order out

Takin' it easy, just don't seem so easy

Break time is quickly runnin' out



By the tick of 5 I’m already (repeat)

Tick of 5 I’m already GOOOOONE

I Knew It


I knew it when you looked my way

tear stained, dry pretty face

a heavy weight, lay there in your eyes

now I'm waiting for our love's demise


Your laughter boomed across the field

your eyes danced porcelain pirouettes

your tears rolled past grinning lips

this is the you I know, I know



Fear knocked down your castle door

you let it in, you let it in

as much as I tried to fight for you

Fear sang to you a lullaby

tucked you in, tucked you in

shoulda been me there next to you

I knew it when you looked my way



I held on, fought for your heart

you turned round, came back to play

but then fear, reached it’s fingers high

caught your lace, pulled you down



Freedom is the only way to let love grow

Freely is how I’ll just have to let you go

I'm Ready


You should’ve stayed

Been patient with me

The thought of you

Keeps me from sleep


I close my eyes

All I see is you

And the times we shared

All we used to do



Baby, I can’t let you go

Everytime I see your smile, everytime I see it glow

Baby, I can’t get past you

You’re not my first, could be my last, cause all I see is you



Now I know I was confused

But I’m ready, if you’re ready, ooooh

I know I’m in love with you

now I’m ready, if you’re ready, oh I’m ready now



Your golden locks

Your hand in mine

Your gentle smile

reminds me of happier times


You listen deep,

You take me all in

Heart to Heart

I’m falling again


If I tamed a lion would that make a man of me?

If I launched a 1000 ships would that make a woman of me?

If I walked on water would that make you believe?

If the mountain moved would then your faith take seed?



Have we come to this?



Share my Soul (repeat)



If I built a house, would that make a father of me?

If I made a home, would that make a wife out of me?

If I lay down my life would that make a lover of me?

If I submit to you, would that set me free?



If I surrender to this love will he take me, take me?


If I receive her heart will it break me, break me?


If I surrender to your love will you take me, break me?

If I receive your heart will you take me, break me?


If I surrender to you love will you share my soul?

If I receive your heart will you share my soul?



Lay your head down next to mine

Count the stars that paint the skies and breathe


Let your cares float away

beyond the thoughts that trouble brings



You are safe with me You are safe

As you drift to sleep You are safe



Listen to the symphony

as crickets sing the melody so sweet



When the rains hide the light remember this lullabye  

I’ll cover you



Colors burst before your eyes

Angels guard you through the night so sleep